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Blockchain Technology In The News

Companies That Accept Cryptocurrency Today

Goldman Sachs opens Cryptocurrency Trading Desk

Even though cryptocurrency and blockchain are becoming accepted in the mainstream financial community, there is still significant concern about the stability of crypto coins. What is the best way for an individual to get involved while mitigating the risk? We believe the answer is Managed Mining. What does that mean? It means you do not buy or own any of the speculative Cryptocurrency. You own the blockchain backbone. The actual equipment that creates the currency and validates the transactions. It’s like owing the bank.

This is a monthly cash flow deal. It is similar to a triple-net real estate deal. You purchase the equipment. It is procured, assembled, updated, insured, and located in Company owned, on-shore secure data centers. You receive a five-year lease for the equipment at the same time as it is purchased. You should investigate this unique opportunity before getting involved in the blockchain or cryptocurrency marketplace.

Our Managed Mining Company in the News

NFN8 Media, a Texas Fintech Company Completes First Phase of Data Center Sale/Leaseback Strategy.
Published April 5th, 2018

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